Music Review: Ban Hatton, ‘Walls’


Ban Hatton

Richmond, Virginia born Ban Hatton recently released his first full length record, entitled Walls, and it’s 10 tracks of robust and often quirky Americana that showcases a performer and a songwriter who can create powerful and satisfying work that’s up to the standard of his folk contemporaries.

Similar to Tom Petty, Ryan Adams and Wilco, Walls is filled with love, empathy and understanding, highlighted by Hatton’s freewheeling energy, passion and earnest delivery of his reflective lyrics. The record is a diversity of expression built around the simplicity of forging the guitar with the harmonica.

Walls has enough character and imagination – which elevates this familiar template to reflect its compelling testament to both the pure nature of Ban’s craft and the precision with which its delivered.

Ban reminds the listener to never judge a book by its cover, as Walls highlights a phenomenal songwriter who is capable of tapping into a wealth of human emotions, allowing the listener to pause and ponder about intimacy, loneliness and personal quests.

Favorite tracks: “She’s gone” & “I Feel Fine.”

Stream Walls here.

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